Hi, I’m Mike Hall and this is a “what I’m reading” blog I decided to keep.

I come across things I’d like to share with other people, but I haven’t taken the time to create a context to do that. Creating that context is important, because I like to read a lot of different things, from a lot of different points of view, and I like to bring things back from them.

That feels like a socially unsafe thing to do. People like their categories. They don’t want to be trolled. I’ve lived through a few public declarations of the death of irony, but it is somehow both infusing everything and simply not tolerated. It’s the age of the milkshake duck, the missing stair “ally” dude, and social media self-immolation. People are probably right to be wary, but that wariness is hard to navigate.

So, I’m going to keep this reading log. I’ll try to explain a little bit about what I find compelling or interesting about each thing I share. I’ll try to make it a thing I put together once a week so that when I share a link to it, it’ll be less likely to read, as single-link tweets do, as an isolated one-off (“why’d he share that?”) and more as a sort of mosaic.

I’m very happy to discuss whatever I post about. I’m open to learning ways in which I haven’t thought something all the way through, or am missing some perspective. The best way to interact with me is probably via email: mph (at) puddingbowl dot org. I probably will not be eager to discuss things with you over a social media channel like Twitter or Facebook.

If you want more biographical info, here’s my bio on my main blog.